Random Thoughts of a Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy -related or not, these are just some of the random revelations that have been swirling through my brain this week.

* Cold homemade pizza ROCKS. Re-heated pizza just isn’t the same, whether you use the microwave, a pan or the oven. I’m keeping a mental list of all the things I plan on eating very soon after Pickle arrives, and you can be assured that cold pizza is right up there along with blue cheese, smoked salmon bagels and shellfish. And suuuuuushi.

* Last week, my lovely husband instructed me to sit and relax while he changed the sheets on our bed (probably because I’d been moaning about how it takes me twice as long to do it with a bump in tow). Two days later, I noticed that the fitted sheet had been put on inside-out, bless him. (I resisted the urge to re-make the bed, in case you were wondering.)

* Pickle’s still got about 14 weeks worth of growing to do, but he’s already signed up to be a guinea pig for a research project into Vitamin D and breastfeeding. Having been involved in research at university during my studies, I know how difficult it can be to find participants, so am more than willing to help out where I can. My poor children don’t really get say in the matter right now!

* Since buying a pack of Gaviscon tablets to combat my heartburn, I haven’t needed them. Bit like getting my last prescription filled for Ondansetron, and the morning sickness suddenly ceasing. Coincidence? Maybe. Going to try it for anything else that crops up this pregnancy? Heck yeah!

* It was okay that the end of Daylight Savings meant Tiny woke at 5.30am the first morning. It was not okay that I left the pantry door open and he got in to my precious jar of Marmite. Let’s just say that I had to laugh or I was going to cry, and that it took a good lot of soap to get rid of the smell from his hands, legs and face.

* Have you heard about Unfolding Hope? Please check out their website, and if you can spare a little (or a lot!), click that ‘donate’ button.

* Lindt milk chocolate Easter eggs are heaven in a shiny red wrapper. Seriously, if you haven’t tried one, TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER, GRAB YOUR KEYS, AND GET YOURSELF TO YOUR NEAREST SUPERMARKET NOW.

Happy Easter, folks! May you enjoy spending time with your family, indulging in chocolate and hot cross buns, and reveling in what Easter means to you xx


8 thoughts on “Random Thoughts of a Pregnant Woman

    • There is a little Japanese cafe just up from the maternity wing of Dn hospital, and I’ve already instructed Tall that, depending on what time of day Pickle chooses to arrive, he will be heading there for sushi for my first meal!

  1. random thoughts of a pregnant stranger:

    a) i love all your randoms… and totally agree.
    b) i love that you’re from dunedin! i studied abroad there while i was in undergrad and looooveed it =)
    c) i’m so looking forward to reading all your blogs!

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by!
      That’s super-cool that you studied at Otago – it’s a great uni.
      Hope your pregnancy is going well 🙂

  2. Such a good list. It’s so easy to forget what you can and can’t have when pregnant. I took my friend the other day and freaked out because I realised the buns had cheese on top. Was that a no no!?? Either way she ate them. Oh well.

  3. Omg i LOVE lindt chocolate bunnies thats all i have ever asked for for years, but just been reading online – there are loads of articles going around being easter, they arent “ethical” chocolate makers, meaning they are still using child slavery to harvest cocoa. Ferrero also. Boo. There goes that choc fix for me, i have a 7yr old, just seems wrong now to support them. 😦

  4. I just ate a Lindt easter egg right now and I SO AGREE! Oh no re the Marmite…at least you know you have another Marmite lover (not Vegemite…blergh) in the house! Our boys are still waking at 5.30am every morning this week….I’d have thought their bodies would have adjusted by now!!!

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