Things I’m Loving

~ friends and family who helped us celebrate Tiny’s 2nd birthday, and spoiled him rotten xxxxx

~ how excited the birthday boy was to help Granddad build his very own table and chairs.

~ pearly blue balloons that are still intact and perfect for kicking and throwing and “huffing and puffing”.

~ facing my fondant icing fear, and discovering that it’s actually very easy to use.

~ ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’. I don’t think I talk to the TV at (m)any other times, but during this show….I can’t help it!


When I first started dating Tall, he said two things which I have never forgotten, partly because of their significance, and partly because they show that right from the start, we both knew we’d found our other half.

The first was, “My mum’s not going to like you, because she’ll have to give you the watch chain.” Now, you can be forgiven for thinking Geez, that’s a bit harsh! I’m pretty sure I probably thought the same thing….until the day of our wedding, when my MIL presented me with a gold watch chain which had always been earmarked for Tall’s wife, whoever she would be, as the matching piece to an old pocket watch to be passed on to Tall on his wedding day.

The second was, “I have to have a son when I’m 30.” A strange thing, perhaps, for a then-24-year-old male to say; a strange thing, certainly, for his new girlfriend to hear. “So…no pressure on your wife, then??” I joked. Then he explained: his Gramps was 30 when his dad was born, and Tall’s dad was 30 when Tall was born…so Tall had to have a son when he was 30 to continue on this little “tradition”.

Well. No pressure whatsoever!

When we were pregnant with Tiny, I knew that Tall desperately hoped he would be a boy, because he was due 12 days after Tall’s 30th birthday. Being able to say that in the same year, Gramps was 90, Pops was 60, Tall was 30 and Tiny was 0 was going to be a big deal…

As it happens, Tiny was a boy, and he decided to arrive two days before Tall’s 30th birthday. In fact, if labour hadn’t progressed by itself, we could have engineered it so that Tiny arrived on Tall’s birthday, which he was kinda hoping for.

Two years ago, Tall got the best 30th birthday present he could have hoped for: his son.

Happy birthday, my love!


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