Happy Birthday, Baby!

Two years ago, our world got a little bit brighter, and a little bit sparklier.

Two hours old.....

Two years ago, our lives changed immeasurably, irrevocably, immensely.

.....two days old.....

Two years ago, we learned the true meaning of pure, unconditional, boundless, effortless love.

Two years ago we learned that onesies are known by a thousand different names, to just accept offers of help around the house from family and friends, and that reflux is a b*tch.

I can’t believe this was all two years ago!

Two years of growing, learning, teaching and absorbing. Two years of frustration, second-guessing, confusion and sleep-deprivation. Two years of giggles, cuddles, smiles and tears. Two years of nappies, spills, tantrums and fun. Two years of constant amazement, happiness, excitement and joy.

.....two years old!!

Happy 2nd birthday, baby boy!

You have shown your daddy and me what life is all about, and have made us happier than you could possibly imagine. We love you more than you could ever know, and you make every day a delight.


(You can read Tiny’s three-part birth story, starting here)


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Baby!

  1. Awwww – happy birthday Little Man… love this post, we’re only a few weeks off the two year old as well; can’t get my head around it either!

    PS – Like you, we certainly found out reflux is a b****; here’s hoping our nb 2 kids don’t follow the same path!

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