Things I’m Loving

It’s been a busy week around these parts, and all of a sudden, it’s Friday again. I love Fridays because they signal the start of the weekend and two whole days (minus cricket-playing-time, of course) of family time with my boys.

This weekend is going to be a big one for us. Tall’s sister flies in tomorrow morning for a fleeting visit, and we’re having Tiny’s 2nd birthday party on Sunday, which means seeing lots of friends and having a fun time all around.

I’m loving that even though I’ve spent the whole morning day in a mad frenzy of baking,

I could look outside the back door and see my little man happily playing in his sandpit, which made me feel better for leaving him to his own devices somewhat.

I’m loving that Tall’s mum and dad are getting people in to help clean up the farm after the vicious winds that tore through South Taranaki last week, and that amidst the devastation, they have found something to be excited about: a branch that is strong and can be left to hang a swing for their grandbabies.

I’m loving that a 40-year-old toy of my brother’s has become a favourite of Tiny’s. “There’s my grasshopper!!” he squeals when he spies it lurking wherever he left it.

I’m loving finding out that a number of my friends are currently pregnant – two of them with baby number one, four with baby number two. In fact, four of us are due within six weeks of each other….it’s just a pity that we’re spread all over the world!

I’m loving my husband for recording ‘Come Dine With Me’ as a surprise for me to find on the MySky hard drive thingy, for turning the kettle on when I’m brushing my teeth and taking out my contacts, so that the water is the perfect temperature for filling my hot water bottle, and for giving me a lovely long back rub earlier in the week after I overdid it trying to eradicate more horrendous oxalis from the front garden.

And lastly, I’m loving the generous spirit and kind heart of Sophie, who is making me realise that if all I have to worry about is oxalis, which gingerbread recipe to use, and whether my favourite spotty top still fits over my belly, then life is pretty darn good right about now.

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4 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. That sound like a pretty great week if you ask me! Hope you have a good weekend with the sister 🙂

    And it is you who is generous my dear! Really, I would be nothing without people responding like they do!

  2. You must feel so satisfied with your baking yield. Looks great. And I love that grass hopper.
    Why do they not make things like this any more? I have a thing about green at the moment and
    love the colour of it. Cx

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