Things I’m Loving

~ making food preparation lists for Tiny’s birthday party next weekend.

~ that Tiny is still young enough to have seen his birthday present (and given his seal of approval in the form of trying to open the box in the store to get at the cows), but doesn’t realise what it is and now that I’ve hidden it away, obviously doesn’t miss it.

~ pink grapefruit. YUM!

~ tiny little jars that are too precious to get binned, but have no immediate uses. Any ideas?!??

~ friends who come to visit with their toddler and three-week-old bubba, despite the pouring rain (and our spouting which drips right over the front door), and make a dreary morning inside fun.

~ having a preliminary name discussion with my husband, and having him approve one of the names he completely vetoed last time round….I might win this one yet!

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3 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. Your handwriting is so neat! I still write like I’m rushing to do notes at uni. Our high kitchen cupboard has all our empty jars and I put dried fruit and choc bites in them with a note attached for little treats for Peter 🙂

  2. Aha – letting names sit and marinade with the man seem to work! If ‘lil M was a girl, I’d have had the same situation… ;-)!

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