Random Musings on a Wednesday

~ heartburn is horrid. I didn’t experience it all when pregnant with Tiny, but it seems this baby is throwing everything possible at me. I am foolishly hoping that me having heartburn will mean Pickle won’t have reflux, but I realise that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

~ losing weight in pregnancy is not fun at the best of times, but when it means your beloved engagement ring threatens to make a run for it in inappropriate places (like in the supermarket, or at the petrol station), it goes beyond the realms of being “just one of those things”.

~ after calling the supermarket, and scouring the front yard, and checking everywhere in and around the car, and digging through the rubbish, and unfolding all the washing you’ve just folded, and getting down on all fours to inspect every inch of floor, and checking in your toddler’s (thankfully just wet) nappy…having someone else ask whether the laundry had been in the airing cupboard might just jog your memory about those towels you folded and popped in the aforementioned cupboard, and you might just see something sparkly sitting on the edge of a nicely folded bath towel.

~ holding back tears when you are in a blind panic is doable, but once the panic is over, tears of relief have a mind of their own.

~ making your own chicken mince in the food processor smells baaaaaad.

~ ‘Four Weddings USA’ is addictive.

~ cheese and tomato sandwiches are addictive.

~ chocolate is also addictive.

~ Johnson’s Bedtime Bath does come in a refill bag, just as I suspected.

~ by participating in two short experiments at the University of Otago, Tiny has earned $25 in the past two days, which is $25 more than I have earned in the last two years.

~ Rachel Ray uses cheese in almost everything she cooks. Her studio audience always cheers loudly if the word is so much as whispered, and God help us all if they actually see any cheese.

~ listening to an almost-two-year “reading” ‘This Little Piggy’ is almost as cute as listening to him count, “One, two, three, four, five, four, three, two, one, GO-LOOK-AT-ME!”


7 thoughts on “Random Musings on a Wednesday

  1. AHHHHHHH!!! This post got hilarious towards the end! So pleased you found your ring – guttered about the heart burn.

    i was all like “I’ll soldier on, I don’t want to take anything” And then tried those tablets for heart burn you can get at the supermarket (their name escapes me now) in my last week, INSTANT RELIEF! Definitely not waiting around to try them again next time it comes knocking. They might provide you with the same relief?

    Loved loved loved your otago uni bullet point. Had to share it with my husband, so funny!

    I bet they have a “cheese” sign they hold up and the crowd knows they need to go nuts. CHEESE! *clap clap clap*

  2. Hahahaha – about the cheese…
    YAY – about finding your ring *whew*
    and MUCH SYMPATHY with the heartburn. I had it with my first baby, and it HURT.
    Me and pregnancy are NOT friends (though I endured it three times)… but totally worth it for the end result. xxx

    *great post*

  3. Oh no, I had heart-burn with all three of my pregnancies (but no morning sickness at all). I used to find Gaviscon (spelling ?) helped a bit – but did have to spend many a night sleeping propped up – almost sitting up 😦 And not eating too much before bed and nothing spicy helped.

    I know your pain and it is worth it… (but you already know that as you have one gorgeous two year old reciting ‘This Little Piggy’ – so cute! My two year old loves to sing nursery rhymes too πŸ™‚

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