Lady and the Bump: 22w 5d

When I first found out I was pregnant again, I had grand plans of writing a weekly update about how I was feeling, what was going on, and what thoughts were racing around my head.

However, the reality of having severe morning sickness for the first 20 weeks combined with a busy toddler ensured those plans were well-and-truly thrown by the wayside.

Even things like taking photos to document our expansion seems to have taken a back seat, although I will admit that we were a bit slack on that front when I was pregnant with Tiny anyway. It’s just that life gets in the way a bit more when you have a toddler, and that precious bonding time with the little life growing inside you isn’t done on such a conscious level as first time round.

However – I’ve been feeling Pickle practise his ninja kicks since around 19 weeks, and while the dancing on my cervix isn’t entirely pleasant, it does make me stop and place my hands on my belly and really pay attention to him for a while. It reminds me that he’s in there, and while I do know that (how could I not??), I need these little reminders so I can take the time to bond and prepare and love before he’s even here, just like I did with his big brother.

Being able to talk to Tiny about his baby brother has been brilliant. He knows where he is, and now likes to pull up my top and plant a not-too-sloppy kiss on my belly. “I need to kiss my baby brother”, he proclaims, and the top-tugging begins. It’s endearing and super-cute, and makes me hope that he will be just as gentle as sweet when his baby brother is actually here!

Anyhoo, today I managed to grab Tall and he took a photo of my expanding belly. I decided it would be fun to do a comparison on the closest-in-weeks shots we had of me pregnant with Tiny…

17w pregnant with Tiny (on a boat in Brazil); 18w6d with Pickle; 21w with Tiny (at a penguin colony in Argentina).

22w3d with Tiny (in Chile); 22w5d with Pickle.

…and after thinking that I was twice as big this time around, turns out there’s not quite as much difference as I first thought.

The biggest difference is that cheeky almost-two-year-old, who was that travelling bump!


3 thoughts on “Lady and the Bump: 22w 5d

  1. Gorgeous – I love the ‘pickle’ name!

    I’m with you, we haven’t been half as aware of this pregnancy as the first, as Lydia keeps us so busy… but I am loving that this time round bubs is SO active that I have not been able to forget he is there, and like you tend to rub and chat to him when he is kicking! Lydia was a quiet wee mouse by comparison!

    She is just like Tiny though – whenever she see’s me patting my tummy, she comes up and rubs and kisses it also. She knows there is a baby there and will point and get very excited when you talk to her about him… but her language is not as advanced as Tiny’s, so while we are encouraging to her practise his name, it’s not sounding very ‘Asher-like’ yet ;-)!

  2. Oh I DO love belly shots! And yours are gorgeous. You guys were brave to go on your trip at that stage but you’d clearly thought it through (and sometimes we have to just carpe diem right?!)

    I’m so glad I took shots along the way…it always blows my mind that my belly could ever grow that big!!

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