Things I’m Loving

~ the way little kids can enjoy their food without noticing – or caring – that they are wearing a fair portion of it:

~ the Entertainment book: discounted meals at nice restaurants? Yes please!

~ dunking chocolate into peppermint tea – a Moro is good, but a Wispa is better!

~ Queen vanilla bean paste (famous, apparently!): a good substitute when you can’t find real vanilla pods:

~ finding out that come July, Tiny will have a baby brother, Tall will have a little batsman and a little bowler, and I will be proud mama and wife of three handsome boys!

Doing the linky thing with PaisleyJade and the gals


6 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. Loving your loving..we always get the entertainment book here too. And haven’t seen that vanilla bean paste but I’m going to look out for it! And the thought of dunking chocolate in peppermint tea…well it sounds like it might taste a bit like a Mint Aero, my favourite naughty indulgence!

  2. We use an Entertainment Book too- always nice to have a free meal. Exciting to be having another boy. I’m surrounded by boys here and for many years it was just me and 4 boys until my little Miss arrived. I hope your boys will be great buddies as my boys are. Boys are great! Cx

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