What I’m Reading: the “What’s in a Name?” edition

I’m still reading my very purple copy of ‘Possession’ – and loving it, despite my initial thoughts – but I have also added a Very Important book to the pile on my bedside cabinet:

Now that we know Pickle is most definitely of the blue variety (yey!!!), we can start to narrow down possible first names….which is going to be a struggle.

When Tiny was incubating, I was in love with two very traditional, classic, strong boys’ names. However, when I mentioned them to Tall, he immediately dismissed them because they were the names of two of his best friends.

“It’d just be weird,” he said, shaking his head. “We can’t use those ones.”

I understood, but I was also quietly devastated. They were the only two names that I really, truly could see myself calling out to our son, if we were to have a boy.

Girls’ names, on the other hand, were different. I had a list of a possible 15-20 – again, all very traditional, classic, pretty names – and when we decided to whittle it down to just two possibilities, I had a hard time choosing my favourites.

And with girls’ names, Tall didn’t seem to think that choosing the same name as friends’ was a big deal.

“That’s the Helmet’s wife. No.”
“That’s the name of the Microbiologist and the Mechanic’s daughter. No.”
“That’s our flatmate’s name. No.”

etc, etc, etc.

This time, we don’t need to consider any girls’ names. This time, I have crossed one of my former favourites – Thomas – off the boys’ list, as this is the name of a good friends’ little boy, and that would just be weird.

The middle name was sorted before we were even married. Hell, the middle name was sorted before we even met. All of the men in Tall’s family have the same middle name; it’s a name which has been used for generations, and I am only too happy to carry on that tradition, especially as it is a nice name. Pickle will therefore have the same middle name as his big brother, his daddy, his Pops, his Great-Gramps, his great-uncle and his second cousins, and countless other men-folk who’ve gone before him.

I am still madly, truly, deeply in love with one of the boys’ names that was dismissed first time around, and I am going to see what I can do to convince my husband that it won’t be weird, that it won’t cause any confusion, that it is the best name EVER.

But until then, I am going to peruse my little name book to see if in the interim, any new names have grown on me, because I know my stubborn husband so well, and I feel I will be fighting a bit of an uphill battle.


8 thoughts on “What I’m Reading: the “What’s in a Name?” edition

  1. ‘Blue’ is such a cool colour, yay for having another one in the family 😉

    We struggled a lot with a name for number 2 as we’d used the name we both LOVED for number 1. I suggested a name early on that hubby poo pooed for being a bit too out there, but then I proceeded to actually throw some really out there names into the mix, and so the name I loved actually grew on him and seemed pretty normal by the end, and so that’s how Mylo ended up being Mylo! So you never know, you may just find there’s a way to persuade him xx

  2. Yay for blue – blue rocks ;-)!

    We have no trouble with boys names – came up with Asher years before, and still love it; but had to decide as we’d found another ‘LOVE’ while pregnant with Lydia! It was Lydia’s name we really struggled with – but this time round, before we knew we were blue; Luke mentioned a name on the short-list I’d had for Lydia that he’d hated initially! And as I still loved it, we had an instant girls name as well… SO much easier than I had ever expected!

    Hope you get your name – there is hope ;-)!

    • Blue DOES rock! I’m glad you got your name, you’re giving me hope that I can convince my husband of my (brilliant) way of thinking!

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