Things I’m Loving

This week I’m loving…

~ finally looking pregnant instead of just porky:

I love me a stripey pregnant belly!

~ a delicious cup of tea made by a 22-month-old:

Green tea with a hint of lemon, perhaps??

~ fresh coriander. Just ’cause it’s freakin’ awesome:

Herby goodness

~ Tiny finally being old enough to sit through two of my all-time favourite [children’s] stories:

Two books EVERY child should own

~ that next week, we will hopefully be finding out if Pickle is of the blue variety, or the pink variety (we didn’t find out with Tiny, and this time, I am SO EXCITED to be finding out, even though I loved that Tiny’s gender was a surprise)!

More loving lovelies can be found over at PaisleyJade’s place


14 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. Oh – I also LOVED Dogger!

    Yay – can’t wait to hear if you’re having a blue or pink either… so exciting! I was in two minds this time round, but I am so glad I know; doubt I could have waited 9 months to find out ;-)!

    Love Tiny’s wooden tea-set – just gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous post and pics (stripy belly is a winner!). Love the wooden tea set and it’s so wonderful when little ones start to want a story and will sit still long enough to really listen (sounds like perfect timing as your pregnancy progresses!). Sending you happy preggie vibes and wishes for a great weekend 🙂

  3. Oh, so much to love! That is one beautiful preggy belly that you’ve got there (hope you’re keeping wekk). I LOVE those wooden teabags!!!! SOOOO cool! Coriander- one word- YUM. Dare I admit that I’m not familiar with Dogger, I might have to look that one up. Storytime is such a special time of day, its great when everyone enjoys it.

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