Things I’m Loving

~ returning to yoga after eight weeks off….yes, I’m sore today, but these aching muscles are so worth it! Also loving that the class was taken by a dear friend who re-planned the whole class to be pregnancy-safe, just for me.

~ spaghetti toastie pies! I haven’t had one of these in YEARS, but they have been my staple lunch for the past week (cravings, anyone??). For anyone who calls them a toasted sandwich – shame on you! The edges are sealed, therefore they are pies. PIES!

~ a long-overdue dinner date with my bestie this evening. No husbands, no children, just fine food and wonderful conversation.

~ these fuschia-pink flowers drooping from a flax-like plant in our front garden. It only flowers for a month or so, and the little fuschia bells swaying in the breeze are such a delight.

~ mums who are honest about their experiences of parenting and don’t pretend that everything is peachy when it’s not. Parenting is HARD WORK, and I don’t think it’s helpful for new mums if we pretend it’s all just giggles and baby powder.

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6 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. toastie pies? i have never heard that name before, i must admit i am one of those people who call them toasted sandwiches! pies/sandwiches, whatever i do love them too:)

  2. Have a good night out with your friend. I think I’m in need of one of those outings. I agree on the parenting thing too. Hard work, but good. Cx

  3. Yes indeedy, hard work it is! And I always find that new parents who’ve perhaps survived the first 3-4 weeks with a new baby suddenly take on a whole new appreciation for all their friends who are already parents…you really have to live it to understand it I think!

    Mmmmm toastie pies..mmmm..maybe in a few weeks I will treat myself!

  4. Love your last comment also… so agree, so need more people being honest (I think it was partially unrealistic expectations that caused me to crash with PND).

    Talking of that – I ‘found’ the party invitation for Lydia’s 1st birthday yesterday; I had on there that we were ‘… celebrating Lydia’s first year, plus surviving reflux and PND…’! I had totally forgotten I had put that on her invite. Honesty or what!

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