Showin’ the Love

February. Valentine’s Day. Love.

In keeping with the spirit of love that abounds this month, I’ve decided to focus my Journey to 35 on relationships. With my family, and with my friends.

I come from a family that is very close, but growing up, I don’t remember saying or hearing the words, “I love you” very often. I always knew my parents loved me (even when they were SO mean and were cramping my style by being SO old-fashioned and SO strict), but we were never very good at saying it to each other. As for my brother and sister? Don’t be daft! Pffft, I was never going to tell them that I thought they were awesome.

And my friends? As a teenager, I had a group of friends who, looking back now with the wisdom and experience of a few more years, were never really the supportive, encouraging, special friends everyone should have. Now? I’m blessed to have a smaller group of really good friends who I would do anything for, and who I know would do the same for me.

Maybe it’s having a family of my own, or maybe it’s just something you come to as you get older, but I’ve suddenly realised that I need to tell the important people in my life that they are just that: so, so important to me. At the risk of sounding a bit doom-and-gloom, life is short, and we could all do with knowing how much we matter to those around us.

So, this month’s goals are:

  1. to tell my family and friends how much they mean to me: I know it, but do they??;
  2. to reconnect with an old friend – not a I’m-not-friends-with-you-because-you’re-actually-quite-poisonous friend, but a I-haven’t-seen-you-in-a-ridiculously-long-time-and-I-miss-you friend;
  3. to treat my parents to something special as a way of thanking them for everything they’ve done for me and my brother and sister; and
  4. to concentrate on the friendships I have, and not worry about forging new ones just for the sake of it.

As a starting point, I am going to take a leaf out of Miriam‘s book (or should that be blog??), and I am going to send some words of love and encouragement to someone who means a lot to me, but probably doesn’t know it.

***Miriam is running a lovely giveaway this month, so pop on over and check out her blog, MakeItGiveIt – Let it Shine, and share some lovin’ too!***


4 thoughts on “Showin’ the Love

  1. I love this post – it makes me all goosebumpy! There is a quote I love by Mother Theresa I think ‘A kind word may be short and easy to speak but it’s echoes are truly endless’. LOVE! and thanks for mentioning me too!

  2. What a great post. You are so so right, its quality over quantity when it comes to friends isn’t it. So lets invest in the ones that mean the most to us!
    Also, I’ve just been catching up on my blog reading and wanted to say congratulations on your pregnancy (and hope you’re feeling better!)

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