What I’m Reading

New books are SO expensive here in NZ that I usually only buy them pre-loved or from somewhere awesome like The Book Depository. However, for Christmas I received two book vouchers (wheeeeeee!), and just before we left for our trip, we went into a well-known bookstore with a view to buying holiday reads.

I aimlessly browsed the shelves, trying to remember the names and authors of books I wanted to read, until my eyes were suddenly drawn to the brightest shelf of books imaginable.

“That’s on my list!” I cried, snatching up a copy of ‘Possession’, by A S Byatt.

A bright, purple copy:

‘Possession’ is set in 1980s London. The main character, Roland, is a bit of a wet-blanket-perpetual-student-type, who stumbles upon a possible love connection between two unlikely 19th-Century writers. He comes across as a bit pathetic, really, and I can’t help but pity and like him. His girlfriend, Val, however, comes across as manipulative and jealous, and I do not like her, even though she’s only featured in a few pages so far.

The verdict? It hasn’t gripped me thus far, but I’m only a few chapters in, and I think it has the potential to be quite compelling as Roland uncovers more and more information.

I’m also refreshing myself with what’s happening with Little Pickle, by re-reading Kaz Cooke’s ‘Rough Guide to Pregnancy and Birth’ (UK version). It’s all ringing bells, but it is good to remind myself what’s going on each week. At the moment, LP should be practising swallowing amniotic fluid. Delish.


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