Mystery beauty products review

As you may have gathered from previous posts, I am a fairly low-maintenance gal when it comes to my beauty regime. In fact, I don’t think you could even call it a “regime”. After my morning shower – during which I rarely cleanse my face – I slap on some moisturiser…and that’s it. I’ve never liked the way foundation feels on, and I’m lucky to have been blessed with pretty good skin. If I’m heading out somewhere, I might put on a little mascara, but it has to be a pretty serious occasion for me to go the whole hog.

Same deal with my hair. I wash and condition every second day, but once I’m out of the shower, it’s simply towel-dried, combed, and left to its own devices. If I’m going to straighten it, I will comb through a heat-protective product, but that’s it.

Why, then, did I agree to a mystery beauty product review when asked? To be honest…I’ve got no idea. I think it was the lure of the mysteriousness – what product would I be asked to review??

The answer arrived in a pretty little bag, delivered by courier just before Christmas. Inside this bag was Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex, and Herbal Essences Set Me Up Mousse.

I’ve been using Olay moisturisers since I was 16-years-old. I’ve tried fancy moisturisers, but really, Olay is the brand for me. So I was glad to be in a position to review a new product from a company I’ve supported for the last….gulp, 18 years. My only concern was that I don’t have very many wrinkles (don’t hate me), so I wasn’t sure how effective this product was going to be.

However, I gave it a go. I upped my regime and followed the instructions to apply the cream morning and night, after cleansing. It had a pleasant floral fragrance which wasn’t overpowering, and the texture was very light, although it did leave a slight residue on my hands that felt a bit greasy. I’d seen the TV ads, with the undoctored pictures taken 10 minutes apart, so after the first few applications, dutifully checked back after about the same amount of time to see whether my laughter lines had disappeared. And would you believe it? They actually had diminished a little. Huh.

I decided to pass the rest of the cream onto my mum, who, at 71, has a few more wrinkles than me, and she too was impressed with the results. She felt that the cream seemed to plump up her skin so that it felt and looked smoother, without feeling tight, and said that she would certainly keep it in mind for her next purchase.

As for the mousse…I was a bit hesitant as I’ve always disliked the way mousse gives me “crunchy” hair, but this mousse had a lighter feel and didn’t give me that same brittleness
I’ve experienced before. My hair has quite a lot of natural volume (it’s very fine but there is masses of it), but this mousse didn’t make me look I’d stepped straight out of the ’80s as I’d feared.

Again, I passed this one along to my mum to try, as she’s always been a mousse-user, and she liked it. She liked the scent and the texture, and said it gave her hair a bit of bounce which she wasn’t expecting.

So my mystery beauty products turned out to be pretty good, and being able to share them with my mum was even better.


One thought on “Mystery beauty products review

  1. I don’t do make up (much) either, I wash my face with a dove thing in the shower and throw some olay moisturiser on afterwards and! I also wash my hair (shampoo/condition) every day and then towel dry it, comb it and leave it!

    Nice to meet someone else similar – most of my friends wear far more make up (or at least wear it far more regularly), and spend a lot of more on their hair! I thought I was the only ‘simple wins’ girl left!

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