What I’m Reading


I’ve been feeling a bit unwell of late, and have lost all will to blog. Timely, perhaps, given my goal of spending less time online this month. It’s unfortunate that this isn’t due to my own strong-willedness (is that a word? It has to be a word. It’s a word.), but hey, right now, I’ll take it.

The plus side of feeling under the weather is that I’ve been resting and reading loads, making the most of Tiny’s nap time.

I recently read and enjoyed ‘Three Men in a Boat’, by Jerome K. Jerome (what a name, huh?!). Humourous, clever, and philosophical in an accessible, poetic way, this novel is set in the late 19th-Century, and involves three hypochondriacs and a small, neurotic dog, taking a trip up the Thames in a boat. The characters are well-written and are such dandies (don’t you just love the image that word conjures up??), and I enjoyed reading about places I’d visited, or at least heard of. I loved that even back then, Reading was thought of as a bit of a sh*thole – I think most people would agree that not much has changed! Apparently the author intended this to be a bit of a travel guide, and the descriptions he gives of places make this seem entirely likely.

I’m currently reading ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’, by Milan Kundera. The first couple of pages had me quavering – it seemed intensely philosophical, and I wondered whether my sickness-addled brain could cope with such heavy material. I kept checking the blurb on the back, to make sure this was a novel, and a hundred-plus pages in, I’m really enjoying it.

Next up, I think I’d better read ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’, by Stieg Larssen….I realised recently that my best friend gave it to me last Christmas, and I still haven’t even looked at it. Oops.

Anyhoo, it’s just gone 8.30pm and I’m tempted to go to bed, but there’s a pile of washing to be folded and an afghan slice to be iced. Our bed is so darn comfortable, its call is like that of the Sirens.


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