Tales of Travel: Cambridge

Cambridge. Outside of the UK, best known for being home to one of the world’s oldest universities. And punting on the river.

But there’s so much more to this little city. It’s full of beautiful old buildings, including Holy Sepulchre, one of only four round medieval churches left in England. Holy Sepulchre was originally built in about 1130AD, but much of it was rebuilt in the 1840s due to a partial collapse. It’s no longer used as a place of worship, but is open for visitors, and it’s a really fascinating building, inside and out.

There are parks and forests and green spaces to walk and cycle around, and the river winds its way through the city, creating a myriad of pathways leading through historic neighbourhoods and student-y areas.

There are bars and pubs and cafes everywhere you look – typical of any university town – and the usual high street shops. But the main shopping area of Cambridge still manages to maintain an historic feel, with an eclectic mix old buildings old and new.

We spent our first English Christmas in Cambridge, with Tall’s sister and a handful of other kiwis, and returned a few months later for a day trip with my sister and her tribe. It’s definitely worth a visit especially on a warm spring day, when you can get lost between coffees, ambling down any path that takes your fancy.


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