Things I’m Loving

It’s Friday already??! This week has sped by….time always seem to speed up the closer we get to Christmas!

~ Loving good drying days (oh my, I’m sounding just like my mum!) and the subsequent lessons that procrastination can teach us:

~ Loving homemade parantha bread….

….to go with homemade curry

~ Loving listening to the leaps and bounds Tiny is making with his language. Favourite sentences this week have been, “Whatchu doing?” (usually asked a few times in successions!), “Let’s go find the train!” (trains are his current obsession), “I’ll get it” (fine by me!), and “Thank you [very] much you’re welcome” (my boy has such nice manners!).

~ Loving once-a-month dinner dates with girlfriends, and trying new restaurants. This week we tried Japanese-style tapas from a little place in Dunedin called Yuki – I love “nibbly” meals like tapas and ploughman’s lunches.

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6 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. Lots to love there, I hear you about the procrastination, I have to do a load everyday to keep up! That bread and curry looks yummy, but a bit hot for it here at the moment, date with the girlfriends is definately essential, which reminds me, I have a few to organise before xmas 🙂

  2. Love the look of all that homemade goodness and yah for girls nights out! Have a great weekend (& apologies for commenting on your previous p-interest post with my daughter’s blog name – and thanks for visiting her blog & leaving a comment!)

  3. Just dropping by to tell you that you are the winner of my 4MyEarth giveaway. Could you please email me your address and I will make sure that your prize is sent off to you. Congratulations!

    Hope your homemade curry and parantha bread was as tasty as it looks… YUM!

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