What I’m Making (a.k.a Pinning Real Life)

I’m still going strong with getting my craft on this month, and I’m loving it! There’s something so calming and relaxing about taking needle to thread, cotton to fabric, pin to finger….no, wait….that’s not so relaxing….but you get the picture, right?

Inspired by Dee, and lots of other bloggers floating around out there, I’ve actually been making things that I’ve pinned on Pinterest, turning inspiration into creative reality.

Like this little button tee that will be winging its way to Germany in time for a special little boy’s first Christmas:

and these dear little birds (which I’d “pinned” before I even knew what Pinterest was!) for a special little lady I know:

I made a handful of these snowmen Christmas cards:

and have had so many comments about this fun monster patch on Tiny’s jeans:

It’s been really fun taking the time to make these things, rather than just thinking they look cool and never actually doing anything about them.

so then I can stalk your boards for inspiration!

Inspired by dee*construction


6 thoughts on “What I’m Making (a.k.a Pinning Real Life)

  1. Great post Ange…you gave me a great idea for an adaptation of your snowmen card…I have so many buttons to use up…!

    So I’ll be linking back to your cool idea when I post my card pics up on the blog too 🙂

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