What’s in Your Bag?

What is it about the contents of a woman’s handbag that is so fascinating?? It’s like you’re getting an insight deep into someone’s psyche, a peek into their most private world, even though you know that you’re likely to find some of the same things in every woman’s bag.

The contents of a woman’s bag tells a story. You can probably learn more from a peek inside a purse than from a five-minute conversation; whether she’s a music fiend, a businesswoman, a mother, a hoarder, an habitual gum-chewer, or a writer of lists.

Roo over at NiceGirlNotes – one of my favourite blogs EVER – is hosting a What’s in Your Bag linky right now. Why not join me in baring your soul – or just the contents of your bag – or at least promise me you’ll check out her super-funny blog.

Anyhoo….here’s my bag….

This is my Catherine Manuell saddle bag. I bought my first CM bag on my first trip to Melbourne, and have been coveting another ever since. When we were back in March of this year, I dragged Tall along until we found the store, and made him wait while I sighed and “ooh”ed and “aah”ed my way around every single item in there. Twice.

I finally settled on this little beauty. I love it. My friends love it. Strangers seem to love it too – not in a bag-grab kind of way, but in an “Excuse me, sorry to bother you but I love your bag, where did you find it?” kind of way.

Normally I carry a nappy bag loaded with all sorts of toddler-related paraphernalia, but we went out for lunch with my parents, which required something a little classier (but still big enough to carry a multitude of things).

Here’s what’s inside:

1. travel wipes 2. Weleda Sea Buckthorn (???) hand cream 3. toy elephant sent to Tiny from a friend who visited Rwanda 4. flip mirror from Paris 5. little elephant purse from Thailand (containing tampons) 6. travel pack of tissues 7. notebook 8. hairtie (I always have one in my hair or on my wrist, and a spare in my bag. Always.) 9. sample-size vial of Lancôme Hypnôse perfume 10. sample-size Lancôme mascara 11. hand sanitiser 12. sunglasses (which should be in their case, grrrrr) 13. sample-size Sudocrem, which I have used maybe twice for Tiny’s nappy rash, but insist on carrying anyway, just in case. (Please note that I did not put a nappy in my bag today, but I did carry the Sudocrem. Smart move.) 14. mobile phone 15. diary 16. super-fine-tipped pen, thieved from a hotel in Wellington some years ago 17. Lucas Pawpaw Ointment – dry lips’ best friend! Also good for nappy rash, burns, bumps and bruises….awesome all round, really 18. buggy book….sans buggy attachment because it got pooed on by a crazy seagull 19. Tiny’s sunhat 20. Meteor London wallet (from the Portobello Market) 21. Catherine Manuell purse containing a plethora of loyalty cards, of which I have so many that I need a second purse to hold them all 22. my keys.

If I’d taken this photo the day before, there would also have been a clean nappy plus wet bag, my shopping list, a wooden train and a can of pitted black olives. Tiny is going through a very “helpful” stage at the moment, which involves putting things into bags.

Linking up with NiceGirlNotes’

What’s that?? You want to see a photo of my baby boy in his cute bat hat? Okaaay, seeing you asked so nicely….


5 thoughts on “What’s in Your Bag?

  1. Hahaha! I’m one of those people who cleans her bag out every night. It’s a habit leftover from my pre-mummy days when I would use a different bag every day…I’ve tried to not clear it out, but it just doesn’t work!

  2. I never use my handbag anymore (except of very rare occasions)… but you’d still cringe at it. Lists of things which I have no idea about now, receipts everywhere, paper old enough you can’t even read it… and now Lydia’s bay bag is starting to look the same :-(! Shame on me! I won’t be joining the linky *cringe*!!!!!!!

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