Shake Your Craft Thang

I LOVE Christmas.

I love decorating the tree, buying gifts, making cards and decorating the house. I love spending lazy days with family and friends, eating loads of good food and generally making merry.

Christmas in our pre-make-over lounge. Yes, those walls were pink and black.

This year will be our first Christmas spent in our house, and it will be extra-super-special because my sister and her family are coming over from Melbourne, and my brother and his family are coming down from Christchurch, for our first full-family Christmas in over six years.

I’m VERY organised this year, and have been thinking about gifts for various family and friends for the past month.

Inspired by all the wonderful Crafty Mamas out there, and by Pinterest, I’ve decided that for this month’s challenge, I’m going to get my craft on, y’all.

(I may have cheated a little here, seeing I started to get my sew on last week, but….my challenge, my rules, right?!)

Getting my sew on

I’m going to:

  1. make gifts for family and friends (because everyone loves something homemade);
  2. take all that pinspiration and turn it into reality by pinning real life;
  3. take the plunge and learn a crafty new skill; and
  4. generally spend more time on creative endeavours.

I have lots and LOTS of ideas floating around my head and on my Crafts board, and I see no reason why I can’t give them (at least some, if not all) a go.

As Christmas looms, it seems like there’s no time like the present (ha – pun slightly intended), so wish me luck!

Also….be warned that if you are a clever crafty blogger, I may stalk your blog for ideas and tips and general guidance when I get stuck (which will be often).


Due to my mammoth failure for last month’s goal, I’m also going to be attempting those fit-and-healthy goals I set out here. I’ve decided that the only way to keep myself on track is to write and publish a regular account of what I’ve done.


7 thoughts on “Shake Your Craft Thang

  1. Oh – I am so NOT a craft-Mama… totally not into it! But I love looking at what other people make, so I look forward to seeing what you come up with (assuming you’re going to show us… hhmm, presents might mean you have to keep them secret until later)!!!!

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