Things I’m Loving

* I went to The Coffee Club for the first time this week, and even though Tiny wasn’t interested, it was a lovely surprise to be offered a FREE fluffy! Complimentary fluffies – which include a marshmallow (for mummy) and chocolate dusting – rock!

* This week I’ve been – this is HUGE, people! – getting my sew on. On Saturday, I borrowed my bestie’s sewing machine and (very impatiently and therefore very badly) shortened a dress. This week, I made some owls and started various Christmas pressies for some very important little people in my life. I’ve been loving it, and I keep wondering what else I can make while I have the machine here.

* Every weekday morning, my boys have breakfast together which allows me an extra half hour in bed dozing. I love that Tall always firmly shuts the bedroom door and makes sure Tiny is occupied for those blissful 30 minutes. I don’t even mind when Tiny has peanut butter breath and the smell makes me want to gag, because I’ve had my peaceful lie in.

* Loving long weekends and short weeks. Loving delicious, light-and-crispy fish ‘n chips by Lake Waihola, followed by fun in the playground. If you’re ever driving through Waihola and fancy a nibble, stop at Waihola Fresh Fish store for the BEST fish ‘n chips around.

* Super-impressed that I am prepared for trick-or-treaters this Halloween….last year, the mothers nodded sympathetically when I opened the door with a seven-month-old in my arms, but the little ghosts and witches and devils dropped their lips in disappointment. Not this year, little beasties! Not this year!

* Lastly, loving that my brother is on his way from Christchurch, and that my aunt and uncle are on their way from Sydney, so that we can celebrate my dad’s 70th birthday this weekend. This will be the first time Tiny meets my dad’s brother, and we always have a mad, crazy time when the two “boys” get together.

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10 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. i love a lie in on the weekend! my hubby does the same for me, it is just what i need after working all week and taking care of my little family
    great list of loves πŸ™‚

  2. I need to show my husband this. He does that now and again – but every weekday? Good training you! lol. I was thinking I need to get organised for trick or treaters too – perhaps I can be the one with the baby in my arms this year? She is only 8 weeks old! ❀ Great list!

  3. Oh I LOVE my lie ins as well πŸ™‚ Awesome that you have gotten out your machine, cant wait for the posts on what you have been creating!!! I have never thought of getting fish n chips at Waihola, if we are ever up in Dunedin for the day we usually stop in Clutha at the highway diner, will def keep that in mind πŸ™‚

  4. Free coffee is the best surprise ever! And whatever a fluffy is… it sounds amazing! I’m so jealous of your weather there – I live in Massachusetts and we’re about to get a SNOWSTORM!?!? Ugh.

  5. Good on you for being prepared for halloween! I must get on to that! Loving the fish and chips, if you’re ever in Petone in Wellington, Fish Boys is the best I’ve had! They won a few awards for being the best in New Zealand! πŸ™‚

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