It’s gold, it’s shiny, and it’s OURS!

My heart spent a fair portion of 80 minutes somewhere around my oesophagus last night, and my hands and legs had an unusual twitchy tickle about them.

Then, for the last nine minutes, I actually thought I was going to throw up.

Luckily my heart was blocking the way.

When the clock ticked over to 79 minutes, I watched that last minute tick away as slowly as a comatose snail, and only then did my limbs become still and my heart slipped gently back into my proud kiwi chest.

When the whistle blew, and Tall leaped from the couch in ecstatic relief, I think I breathed for the first time in over an hour.

And when Ritchie McCaw held aloft that beautiful, shiny gold cup, I felt as though my grin was about to split my face wide open. I shed a few tears….and secretly, I think Tall may have too.

Welcome back, Mr William Webb Ellis. It’s been a long time, but it’s great to have you back where you belong!

~Well done, All Blacks – you have made your country proud!~


2 thoughts on “It’s gold, it’s shiny, and it’s OURS!

  1. Seriously I was having heart palpitations the stress was real! Then I stood staring at the TV for the last minute hoping wishing screaming! And THEN Mr B and I danced around the lounge screaming yelling cheering – oh how proud to be a NZ’er .. .. .. off to the parade now

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