Things I’m Loving

Just a handful of things I’m loving about this week….

Loving Mac’s Feijoa and Pear Sparkling Fruit Drink. It’s just like drinking a feijoa – yum! Super-refreshing….I think I’ve found my summer drink.

Loving food that brings new meaning to the phrase: It’s what’s on the inside that counts. I made a new brownie on Monday and even though it looks helluva-ugly, it tastes aMAzing. I also learned a valuable lesson: when a recipe calls for a 23-inch square tin….a 20-inch square tin really isn’t going to work!

Loving ‘The Help’, which I inHALed. It lived up to all the hype, and now I’m desperate to see the film. Loving that while Tiny slept on Wednesday, I lay in the sun streaming into the lounge, turning page after page until I was finished, while the dishes stayed dirty and the laundry stayed in the washing machine. Loving that I didn’t feel guilty about neglecting the housework so I could lose myself in such an inspiring book.

Loving impromptu coffee-and-cake catch-ups with good friends, and early morning swimming fun with more good friends (mine and Tiny’s).

Loving that the All Black’s are playing in the RWC final this weekend! Loving how everyone – rugby fan or not – seems to be buzzing. We need this after such a tumultuous year, and it’s awesome to see everyone so enthusiastic in their complete faith in our boys in black!

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14 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. That brownie looks amazing! I am also really looking forward to reading “The Help”, its on my must read list for the next few months

  2. Hey you, loving your loves this week. I drank some of that Feijoa drink this week too (but I still prefer the Sour Green Apple one somehow?). Haven’t read The Help but dying to, and you can never find too many good brownie recipes!

  3. Loving all the things you are loving! The Help was an amazing book, and although the movie was slightly different, it was awesome too! I must try that drink – I was addicted to feijoa juice while pregnant and would love to try sparkling!!

  4. Oh my goodness thanks for heads up about pascalls marshmallows I’m totally a caramel fan so will need to try out.
    I’d love to reply to your comments but ‘no reply at blogger’

    • Okay…I’ve followed her instructions and set it up to show email…fingers crossed that it’s worked!! Thank you so much for finding this out for me 🙂 I’ll keep Simone in mind next time I have a blogging crisis! xx

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