Things I’m Loving

I’m on a bit of a fine weather high at the moment.

We’ve spent a fair bit of time outside this week, and it just feels great to get out and race around in the fresh air without needing to be rugged up in a thousand layers. In fact, Tiny has spent a couple of afternoons in the backyard sans nappy, which has been entertaining.

So this week, you’re getting another “Spring – you’re awesome!” love-fest from me….

Loving the first rhubarb harvest of the season….I think I’ll branch away from my usual crumble, and maybe try a rhubarb crème brûlée or a rhubarby-meringue pie.

Loving the simple joys of loading and unloading stones into a dump truck. Loving that Tiny took this little task Very Seriously, and that it meant I could read a couple of pages of my book without wondering what he was doing.

Loving daisies in long grass. Yes, we need to mow our lawn….but daisies are so pretty.

Loving playing outside with friends and needing a sunhat. Loving the warmth and sunshine that Spring is showering upon us so far (even though today is grey and rainy!). Loving that Tiny is happy to wear hats, because baldy babies need extra protection!

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9 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. That is a whole lot of good loving – and YES I did feel slightly guilty as I mowed over all of our daisys in the weekend. I LOVE rhubarb – can’t get enough of it!

  2. Oh what a sweet blog & super cute Tiny. Not a big fan of rhubarb (i like what others do with cooking with it, just not me) & it looks so pretty growing in the garden, that shade of red. Love Posie

  3. I am loving your photos! Spring has sprung here too, well it is starting to feel more like summer, especially with the all the thunder storms we have been lately!

    I wish I could keep a hat on my youngest ones head, he pulls it off every time I put it on!

  4. I love daisies in the lawn they are so carefree and happy. I need to branch out with my rhubarb use. I did make a lovelt Rhubarb and Caramel cake last year, might have to do that again. I may even have a recipe for it on my blog. And I made a Rhubarb fool that was pretty good too.

  5. Such a gorgeous post and photos! I love daisies too and am always singing an old fashioned song to Alice about them (drawing strange looks from passers by!). Bare bottom time rocks too! Alice was wondering around the garden and bouncing on the trampoline earlier with nought but her bright yellow gum boots on!

  6. I’m with you- Spring is GREAT!
    And daisies are beautiful. The other week I made a daisy chain for my wee girl. The next time that she went to the park with her dad, she came back with a handful of scrunched up daisies for me to make a daisy chain with. When I was little I could never understand why my Dad would cut the grass and get rid of the daisies.
    (Love your dump truck!)

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