Things I’m Loving

Just popping in quickly to join up with PaisleyJade‘s weekly round-up of things to love – off to catch a plane to Auckland later this morning….which is a nice segue to….

~ loving that we’re catching up with friends in The (Teeniest) Big Smoke this weekend, and meeting their two gorgeous little boys for the first time. Loving that I’ll get delicious 6-week-old cuddles. Loving that Tiny will have a slightly older buddy to cause chaos with. Tall’s loving that he gets to go to a couple more Rugby World Cup games, while I’m a bit jealous that I’m on baby-watch!

(Not our actual aeroplane....I hope....)

~ loving afghan biscuits. Whoever thought to mix cornflakes into chocolate batter was a genius!


~ loving this delightfully-misspelled message:

Sponsor a bogan

~ loving that I can now put a super-padded reusable nappy on Tiny at bedtime, and he’s not soaked through come the morning. Loving that he finds us calling him “Pumpkin Bum” hilaaaaarious. (NOT loving that he’s got a nasty nappy rash, which would probably clear up faster if he was back in disposables for nighttime…gah!)

Pumpkin Bum

~ loving that I’ve been for two big walks, one run, and have done yoga and some light resistance training at home three times this week – my exercise mission is off to a good start!

Happy Friday!! xx

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9 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog ::)) can’t reply as you are set to ‘no reply’
    Ahhhh how long are you in Auckland for and where will you be?

    • We were only in for Auckland the weekend, unfortunately. We did get down to the waterfront which was great – The Cloud was fascinating!
      (Is the ‘no reply’ thing at my end or yours, do you think?)

  2. Hey – the no reply at blogger is at your end ::))

    ps: I haven’t been to the cloud yet! Only have one child for the next 5 days so might try venture in

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