Weekend in Pictures

What a brilliant weekend we’ve just had! Here are a few pictures to prove it…

It was hot and sunny and we got to spend most of the weekend outside.

Waiting for Graham Henry's call...

We made a fort...

...and read stories.

We took the train to the inaugural Port Chalmers Seafood Festival. The train ride was great, the seafood was delicious and from the number of people there, I’d say the whole event was a huge success.

On the train

Arriving at the port

Checking out the boats and looking for fish

Hot smoked salmon + Mt Difficulty riesling = divine!

Tall and I went to Otago Stadium for the Ireland vs. Italy Rugby World Cup game. One word: spectacular! You’d be forgiven if you thought you’d suddenly developed the ability to teleport – we were amongst a sea of green, and it was as though we were deep in the heartland of Ireland. The atmosphere was electric, and at times, the sound was deafening. Brian O’Driscoll said he didn’t think he’d ever played in front of such a huge crowd of Irish supporters, outside of Ireland. It was amazing….even though we were cheering for Italy and they lost.

NZ Army Band's awesome haka

Italy vs Ireland

The powerful scrum

A sea of campervans

Next weekend, we’re off to Auckland to meet up with Tall’s dad and sister, so they can go to the quarter-final matches….having been to last night’s game, I’m now a bit jealous that I’m not going to Eden Park!


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