Things I’m Loving

Things I’m loving this week….

….planning a little roadie for the summer…up the west coast of the South Island, with a little stopover in Wellington and up to the ‘naki for a few days on the farm, then back down the east coast. Fun times ahead!

….opening the freezer to see little bags of homemade cheese rolls – and mixing it up at lunchtime instead of automatically opening a tin of spaghetti.

….having my voice back after 4 days of nothing, followed by a week of husk. Try diverting a cheeky toddler from trouble when you can’t talk….!

….getting my craft mojo back, and making a gazillion gift cards.

….getting outside and enjoying the warmer weather. Loving that Tiny wants to “help” in the garden. Loving a little bit of impromptu garden-yoga.

….lying in bed and listening to Tall and Tiny in the morning. Loving his toddler’s enthusiasm for absolutely everything. This morning, he learned the words “sugar” and “Weet-bix”, and followed each with a “Yee-ah! Wow, cool! Awesome!”

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5 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. I’m with Miriam, that toddler photo is gorgeous! Hearing your children learn to speak is so exciting, isn’t it! From the first stumbling words to the “what are the going to come out with next” toddler years- enjoy!

  2. Homemade cheese rolls…mmm…look just like the ones my gran freezes and then brings them out when we go to stay…and oooh I love a good road trip, especially when the end destination is my all-time fav spot in NZ….the Naki. You could always stop in for a coffee on your flying visit through Welly 🙂

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