Things I’m Loving

As soon as Winter has retreated with its tail between its legs, and Spring has bounded forth with the enthusiasm of a clumsy puppy, people seem to be smiling ALL THE TIME. It’s as though the fresh winds and bright skies blow away the cobwebs and grumps that the colder weather always seems to bring. I’m no exception: I always feel more enthusiastic and alive when not hunched up under a million layers, and spring flowers never cease to make me relish every waking moment.

Like these Grape Hyacinth that I see every time I look out the laundry window (which is every time I wash my hands, so a LOT). I can’t help but smile as they sway gently in the breeze, and I almost wish they lasted all year round…although if they did, I wouldn’t appreciate them nearly as much as I do.

Loving the sudden reappearance of rhubarb in the back garden – this is just the second year we’ve grown any, and I didn’t know when to expect it to start growing up again. Two delightful words are being uttered in these parts: rhubarb crumble.

LOVE hanging nappies on the line outside, and bringing them in, knowing they’ll be 100% dry and super-soft.

Love this label from a cardigan I bought recently, and the ideas racing through my head of how to re-use it. The current winner is to make a “new baby” card……

And finally, love love LOVE this TV ad for the Panasonic Lumix G-series camera. Cracks me up every time, possibly because this is the way I take pictures.

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