Things I’m Loving

A little bit of loving to end the week…

Loving my new cooktop. Goodbye, crappy old Shacklock with your horrid ceramic surface. Hello, Fisher & Paykel with your beautiful gas-on-glass and wok burner.

(not loving the smeary fingerprints on the glass!)

Loving that I had my first massage in over five years…blissful. 17 months of breastfeeding had taken its toll on my shoulders and neck, but just one hour soothed it all away.

Loving Annabel Langbein‘s Quiche Lorraine. Leeks, bacon and pastry = choirs of angels singing.

Tastes even better cold.

Loving another weekend away, this time to see Tall’s family in the ‘naki. Tiny doesn’t get to see his Nana, Pops and Aunty S very often (apart from on Skype), and they’re all so excited about seeing him. Loving that he has a Great-Gran and Great-Gramps who are looking forward to seeing him too.

Loving that Tiny’s “cuck cuck” has suddenly become “cuddle”, and that the words “gentle”, “kind” and “sharing” form part of his vocabulary. My boy is showing himself to be quite compassionate, empathetic and sensitive.

Finally, loving that the Rugby World Cup starts tonight, and how busy and vibrant little old Dunedin is right now. Loving the flags and party atmosphere, loving our new stadium, and – of course – loving the All Blacks!

Tiny's ready for the games to begin!


3 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. Loving your loves. A lot of our family is in the Naki too – it truly is my favourite place in NZ, love that mountain, love the walkway on the waterfront, love Puke Ariki and Pukekura Park, love it all! Hope you have a wonderful time with the family 🙂

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