What We’re Reading

I finished “The Picture of Dorian Gray” last week…awesome, awesome book. After initially finding it difficult to concentrate on the lengthy paragraphs and dated social commentaries (I blame reading late at night when I SHOULD have been asleep), I thoroughly enjoyed Wilde’s only published novel. It was clever, intriguing and ultimately compelling, and an interesting insight into a hedonistic, materialistic, opium-filled 1890s(ish) London.

Over the weekend, I read “A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend”, by Emily Horner.

I had no idea what the story was about, but figured that if it made the latest Whitcoulls Top 100 list, it had to be a good read. To begin with, I wondered why I was wasting my time with this book. It started out so slowly and I found myself getting bored and easily distracted; I felt like I was forcing myself to turn each page. But the more I read (because I had to give it a chance, and because I hate starting a book and not finishing it, regardless of whether or not I’m enjoying it), the more compelling the story became, until I reached that point where I just couldn’t put it down.

And I cried. Four times. And only once due to the many, many horrific spelling mistakes.

This week, I’m back onto the BBC Big Read list, with “Ulysses”, by James Joyce.

It’s a big book, with teeny-tiny writing, and I feel daunted just looking at it, but the blurb on the back has me hopeful for an enjoyable read: “Scandalously frank, wittily erudite, mercurially eloquent, resourcefully comic and generously humane, Ulysses offers the reader a life-changing experience.”

Wow. Now I have skyscraper-high expectations. Four pages in, though, and I’m struggling. Might be the late-at-night reading again, but so far, I’m not gripped.

I’m loving reading these three to Tiny at the moment:

They’re all so much fun to read, but I especially enjoy “Piggity-Wiggity Jiggity Jig goes to Dad’s Cafe”. Any children’s story that can include belligerent, grave repercussions, resplendent, aplomb and auspicious gets a big thumbs up from me!


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