Things I’m Loving

Loving that the even though the first day of spring was bitterly cold and started with snow showers, the sun did shine, and I was able to hang the koru I made. Symbolic, much?

Loving that tomorrow, my brother is getting married. Loving that both he and his wife-to-be have been married before, but have finally found each other. Loving that she makes him so happy, and that he enjoys playing “dad” to her three amazing foster children.

Loving that we’ll be spending a couple of nights in a cute cottage with my mum and dad, which might just mean a chance for Tall and I to have a sleep in…at that same time. Loving that Tiny loves his “Ganma” and “Gandad” to pieces – and vice versa – and will hopefully leave us to snooze…fingers crossed!

Loving the sudden appearance of daffodils in the garden. Loving the way their golden heads bob in the wind, and how cheerful they make even the dreariest day seem.

Loving my second attempt at sewing a toy – a sock giraffe. Loving that I’m willing to give it a go, but thinking next time, I need to find a pattern/tutorial to follow! Loving that there will be a next time.

Loving the resilience, bravery, honesty and strength of this mama. It is constantly amazing to me what the human spirit can deal with, and get through, and find strength from.

Linking up with PaisleyJade for some Friday loving:


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