Things I’m Loving

It’s the little things I find myself loving this week. Isn’t it amazing to stop and think about all the good in your life, rather than dwelling on the not-so-good? Even the simplest things seem to be bringing me great joy at the moment, which is awesome.

Loving the cute range of shoes from Hoof – and their awesome e-sales! Can’t wait for Tiny’s feet to grow to fit these puppies.

Loving that in looking for a ten cent piece that Tiny dropped under the couch, I found a two dollar coin as well – sweet!

Loving that my first attempt at making a toy (don’t laugh. I definitely need to work on my stitching) has been a huge hit with Tiny. His official name is Charlie, but I love the way Tiny calls him “Char-deeeee”.

Loving that a craving for vegetables can easily be satisfied with one big stir-fry (chicken, hokkien noodles, oyster sauce, kecap manis and a little bit of teriyaki sauce – yum). Also loving that Tall ate all the carrots, without trying to sneak them into my bowl.

Loving the sunshine and warmth this week has brought, meaning we can leave the house sans coats, mittens and hats. Loving the approach of spring. LOVING the approach of spring!

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5 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. Okay, now you have made me want to go and make a stir fry, I really need to make myself some breakfast!

    I have to check out that shoe store. My kids need new shoes!

    Love your first ever attempt at making a toy. I never finished my first attempt. It was embarrassing. My second however, was so much better.

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