Feeling Grateful

Each week, the teachers at my yoga studio decide on a theme for their classes. Sometimes they share the theme with the class; other times they just bring it into our practise. The theme for this week was “Grateful”, and we were asked to think of three things we are grateful for about our bodies, and three things we are grateful for about life right at this moment. We were also asked to mentally shout a big “THANK YOU!” to our bodies, which gave me a bit of a giggle.

One of my goals for the month was to focus on the physical and psychological positives about myself; to be grateful about the things I have, not resentful about the things I don’t.

It seems rather apt, therefore, that this week’s theme ties in so nicely with the end of this first month of my journey. It was nice to take this time to sit, to observe and to think positive thoughts about myself. I don’t think people do that often, and while I know I say nice things about other people all the time, it’s a different story with myself. I wonder why we can so easily find the positives about others, but find doing the same for ourselves such a challenge? Is it an acceptance thing, or merely an innate defense mechanism to make sure we’re not all walking around like we’re the cat’s pyjamas??

Image from here

Three things I’m grateful for about my body?
~ that it is strong and healthy
~ that it is pain-free
~ that it allows me to move, to breathe, to live fully

Three things I’m grateful for about life right now?
~ my husband (especially for doing the 5am shift when Tiny wouldn’t re-settle this morning!)
~ Tiny (despite the aforementioned not re-settling!)
~ sunshine!


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