A step back in time

My dad is currently converting hundreds of old slides into digital format. He said it’s taking a lot longer than he expected – not because the programme is taking a while, but because each slide is a memory re-lived for him and mum. They are having so much fun reminiscing; I can’t wait to see all the photos.

He sent through this picture of me as a very chubby 6-month-old (I love love LOVE my mum’s apple sundress!):

and I thought it’d be fun to try and find a similar photo of Tiny at the same age:

Aside from the big eyes, the sticky-outy ears, and the matching (lack-of) hair, I don’t think he looks much like me. From the moment he was born, everyone has said he’s the spitting image of his daddy – I think I need to harrass my mother-in-law for some of Tall’s baby photos!!

The strange thing is that my youngest niece, LML, looks exactly like that photo of me, and Tiny is starting to look like my nephew, LMM.

Genes are so intriguing!


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