What We’re Reading

I’m not sure whether I’m enjoying “Black Beauty” or not! It’s strange…I almost feel as though I’d have liked it more when I was younger, yet it has such a powerful message that would most likely have been lost on adolescent-me. I’m aware that being written from the horse’s point-of-view was pretty out-there for the 1870s, but it feels a little halting and uncomfortable. In saying that, it is a very easy read, and I am fascinated to read about the treatment of horses in the late 19th-century.

My in-laws would be proud: they both competed at an international level in showjumping, and now train racehorses, and are therefore horse mad. Horse crazy, even. Tall doesn’t ride – never has – so is seen as a bit of an aberration on both sides of his family!

“Kid Wrangling”, like “Up the Duff”, is a bit tongue-in-cheek in some parts, which appeals to my I-don’t-want-to-read-a-parenting-book-but-will-muddle-my-way-through mentality. My sister has this book and recommended it for the sections on discipline and toddler sleep; so far my only complaint is that the section on “Weaning” doesn’t account for babies over 12mths.

It’s always an exciting day when the latest copy of “Your Home and Garden” arrives in our mailbox, but the last two months have seen me unwrap it, stare longingly at the cover, and place it somewhere out of Tiny’s reach. However, last night I managed my first flick-through during the ads of Grey’s Anatomy – on the same day the magazine arrived, wheeeee!

Tiny is loving these four right now. He’s eager to get to the “On Saturday he ate…” page, gleefully shouts “BOAT! BOAT”, still loves the “Near Sheep”, and, even though he can say all the animal noises in the “Sounds” book, prefers to flip through the pages until the rooster at the end, so he can crow, “cock cock cock”.


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