The Glove Has Been Thrown

We’re heading away on holiday next week, and I can’t WAIT! We’re going to Rarotonga, to let the sun warm our pale skin and recharge our batteries after this looong winter.

Image from here.

It’s alright. You can hate me just a little right now.

Okay, that’s enough.

When we lived in England, we barely went three weeks without going somewhere – whether it was visiting friends and family in the UK, or exploring a new place in Europe – and my feet have been itching incessantly for quite some time.

I thought that having Tiny and setting up home somewhere more permanent might cure my travel bug, but it seems to have been getting worse of late. Perhaps it’s being a stay-at-home-mum for the past 16 months, and an unemployed pregnant woman for three months prior to that? I’m not suggesting that I’m bored – ohhhhh noooooo, there’s no chance for boredom when you have a busy toddler – but I am beginning to think I need to be doing something more.

Anyhoo – I digress from the original point of this post, which you, dear reader, are still in the dark about. Oops.

A few weeks ago, Tall suggested, in an off-hand sort of way, that we should have an internet-free week during our holiday. “Brilliant idea!” I exclaimed, which he seemed to find quite surprising. I guess he’s seen me waste a fair amount of time looking at, and for, nothing in particular online, and was shocked that I’d agreed to his joking suggestion.

I’m all for it. I know I spend far too much time enviously stalking checking Facebook for friends’ travel photos, trawling my favourite online stores for things we really don’t need……blogging mindless babble that probably interests no one but myself. This is already something I plan on addressing during my Journey to 35.

I actually think Tall is going to find it much harder than I will. He religiously checks sports news from NZ and the UK, and will struggle not knowing what’s happening with the ITM Cup and the Tri-Nations, and all the UK football teams. I’m not saying I’ll find it easy – the habits of a few years are hard to break – but because it was something I’d already considered, I think I’m going into this much more prepared than Tall.

Not that it’s a competition or anything =)


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