Snow Envy

St Clair Beach

Living by the beach is great. We can be wriggling our toes in the sand barely five minutes after leaving the house, and some of the best cafes in Dunedin are just a short walk away.

But today, I wish we lived on a hill.


While the miniscule amount of snow we did have has long since melted, my friends living up high are still frolicking in inches of delightful powder. Some of them are even complaining about it already, while I’m glumly looking at their photos on Facebook. Some of them are enjoying an extra day at home with husbands/wives/partners, while I watched Tall drive oh-so-carefully away – in my car, no less, because his is “too heavy” – this morning. Some of them have built snowmen and taken photos of their little people’s first steps in the snow, and have shaken off wet clothes to then warm themselves in front of fires and heat pumps…

Down, Little Green Envy Monster, down!


2 thoughts on “Snow Envy

    • 🙂 I love snow, so love seeing all the snowy pictures…just really wish I had some lovely ones of my own to share!

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