Things I’m Loving

Even though it’s been extra-cold (we’ve had some pretty impressive frosts – the crunchy-grass sort which is fun if you’re only out in it for a moment, but not so much if you’re working outside or walk to work), it’s been a good week.

I’m loving my new squirrel necklace from Rockbourne Jewellery (no web link, I’m afraid). I love squirrels (many, many of my photos from our time in London are of squirrels), and believe I may have actually squealed aloud when I saw this.

I love that my peppermint tea supply has finally been replenished…I won’t be running out again for quite some time.

Loved coming into the kitchen to find Tiny sitting in the wok,

and that the aftermath of his fun made me laugh instead of freak out.

I’m loving that our boy is getting more and more confident with his walking each day, and the grin on his face when he gets closer to his destination without (a) falling over, and (b) veering off-course.

And I’m loving that I’m in denial that my friends Eco Mum, Eco Dad and Eco Baby are moving back to England in two weeks time. I’m choosing not to acknowledge this fact until the day I have to say see ya later. And then…well…it ain’t gonna be pretty.

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9 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving

  1. Love the little necklace – it is very cute and yay to the little things that make you smile – your little man is so cute in the wok and walking:) Hugs for the upcoming departure of dear friends. I will be the one leaving at the end of the year and let me tell you there will be tears.

    • I know they have to leave, but it is going to be so hard for us all. I’ve had to leave before, and it isn’t fun, so I hope you are making the most of yours while you’re still here 🙂

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