If foetuses carried passports…

When I was barely two weeks pregnant we spent time in beautiful Lisbon. I loved everything about this city: the tiled buildings, the colours, the abundance of fresh seafood, pasteis de nada (or, as I like to call them: Heaven’s Tarts)…even the footpaths that were sticky with ginginha and the men who’d sidle past and whisper, “Koka? Marrywahna?”, like ghosts in the night. I remember feeling extraordinarily hot, and incredibly unfit as I struggled to climb the hand-hewn steps of the old Moorish castle in Sintra. Once I found out I was pregnant and realised I had been during this break, it became rather evident that I was no longer in charge.


When I was eight weeks pregnant, we travelled from Budapest to Prague, by way of Bratislava, Vienna and Brno. Despite feeling as sick as a dog, I adored Budapest, and wished we’d made it our last stop instead of our first.


Bratislava was expensive and highly overrated, and the evidence of former communism was so rife. I didn’t get to see much of Vienna – except for public amenities – but did manage to see ‘The Kiss’ at the Belvedere Palace, which was a-MAY-zing. Brno was…well, we stayed in a “hostel” where neither of us slept a wink for fear of waking up minus a vital organ! And Prague. Prague was the chocolate-box lovely that we’d expected, with some unexpected quirky art to be discovered in random places. We ended up staying an extra day – not by choice, but becausethe morning we got to the airport – at 6am, no less – we found out the airline we’d booked with had gone bust. Under normal circumstances, there would have been copious amounts of tears, but as I was concentrating so hard on not throwing up all over our bags, I coped remarkably well.


And of course, Tiny was there when we travelled through Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile on our way home to NZ. That would have meant 10 entry stamps on his passport before Tiny even arrived on the scene; add on another for our trip to Melbourne earlier this year, and another for our holiday in Rarotonga next month….not bad going for someone so small!!


3 thoughts on “If foetuses carried passports…

    • It’s pretty cool to think that he’s “been” to so many places – we have loads of fun stories to tell him when he’s bigger 🙂

  1. Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself on my blog 🙂

    Our first child has “been to” South Korea, England, Spain, Italy, France and Hong Kong.
    And I felt SO ill I barely enjoyed any of it! 😦
    She thinks she’s cool that she’s been to all these places though, haha.

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