A Date with my Bestie

This afternoon I am going on a lunch and shopping date with my best friend.

With no children, no husbands, and no nappy bags. I might even wear heels.

I am VERY excited. We don’t get to do this very often anymore – work, husbands, kids – so it’ll be lovely to just hang out and chat, uninterrupted, for a couple of hours.

We’ve been friends since we were about 15 years old. We bonded over a rehearsal for ‘Wednesday to Come‘ during English class; I [Iris] was supposed to throw a [Granna’s] notebook on the kitchen table, but I managed to bounce it across and off the table. For some reason, the two of us dissolved into fits of uncontrollable laughter and the rehearsal came to an abrupt halt.

Our director – a fellow classmate who always took everything Very Seriously – was not amused, but The Bouncing Diary Incident will always be remembered fondly by the two of us.


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