I’m in luuuurve with…

…fine merino: layering without looking like a yeti:

…blue-sky winter days that mean crisp outlines, and wearing a woollen beanie AND sunglasses:

…finding a product that promises to rid my garden of a very (ob)noxious weed:

…Tiny taking his first steps AND eating again AND sleeping again. Everything about this little man. Love him.

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11 thoughts on “I’m in luuuurve with…

    • I’m glad to hear someone else likes the beanie/sunnies combo…I couldn’t decide if it was a fashion faux-pas or not, but warm ears and not watering eyes won that battle 🙂

    • Thanks – they were warm layers 🙂 Sunny winter days are what I missed when we lived in London – those grey skies can feel pretty oppressive!

    • Thanks – I wasn’t sure if it was merino overkill, but I was toasty warm! Tiny has been practising his walking and today has realised that he doesn’t need to support himself on the wall anymore. And yesterday he decided to give crawling a go! Bum-shuffling is still fastest though; our son certainly moves to his own beat!!

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