Reading this week…

I’m still reading ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ and LOVING it! I’m sure the writing style wouldn’t be for everyone, and some of the passages are quite long-winded, but it’s a very complex and intriguing story of providence, betrayal and revenge. And look how much I’ve devoured in two short weeks, thanks to Tiny falling asleep in the car a number of times recently (as opposed to not at all, grrrrr):

We’ve swapped Tiny’s books around, too, and his choices this week have been mostly these:

He adores “My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes” and gets quite excited to see it on offer!

And this week’s meals have been chosen from these three English beauties:

Will be posting a recipe shortly for a tomato-less bolognese sauce (I know! Crazy, right?!) from the Market Kitchen Cookbook – it was REALLY good, and was even better on day two according to Tall. Tiny scoffed a heap of it, which was amazing as he’s not really a big meat eater. He also luuurved Tana Ramsay’s Carrot & Parsnip Mash (so simple: (for 4-6 servings) boil 300g each of carrot and parsnip for 12mins; drain; return pan to heat to remove any moisture; remove and mash lightly; stir in 50g butter & freshly ground black pepper; check seasonings; add freshly grated nutmeg and serve.) which was amazing as he usually won’t eat anything remotely vegetably!


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