First Steps

Tiny is a bum-shuffler. He has always had a big head (> 97th percentile), and right from birth, hated tummy time with a vengeance. We propped him up in a sitting position at around six months (I know, slap on the hand for us, shouldn’t do it, blah blah blah) and he was so much happier. We knew all about the reasons for it being best for babies to crawl, and why you shouldn’t put them into positions they can’t get themselves into, but we were NOT going to persist in putting Tiny on his tummy when it caused him such obvious distress.

So it was almost inevitable that he would choose this more…unconventional method of getting about. For the past seven months, his shuffling about has been a source of amusement for all and sundry, but he can move pretty fast and hold things in both hands while he moves, which is obviously quite handy.

BUT, last night our wee man took his first solo steps!! Tall and I were so excited as he took three or four steps between the two of us, and the huge, heartbreakingly-triumphant grin on his face makes me think Tiny was excited too.

Then today, he seems intent of balancing by himself too, and has been propelling himself off my legs, bouncing into a standing position.

It’s all on now!


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