I’m in luuuurve with…

…going to the dentist and not needing any work done (and consequently not needing to fork out ridiculously large handfuls of Cash I Do Not Have). Obviously, there is no photo to accompany this little piece of lovin’.My dentist was new. I didn’t think it was appropriate;

…receiving a long-awaited, much-anticipated and very beautiful photo of our sponsored child in Malawi;

…being forced to park the car overlooking this:

and do this – instead of housework – :

for an hour after Tiny fell asleep in the car (and having the foresight to put The World’s Heaviest Book in the car before we left the house);

these boots (in grey) from Overland. Actually, I might be coveting them more than loving them, but if they were mine…oh, how loved they would be! Come on, Half-Price Mid-Winter Mama-Wants-Needs-Some-New-Boots Sale.

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2 thoughts on “I’m in luuuurve with…

  1. Excellent!! What foresight! Can’t get much better than that. 🙂 So great you need no work done. I need to make an appointment and am scared to do so…

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