Growing Up

As I was on my hands and knees, scraping vomit off Tiny’s bedroom floor at 1am this morning, my not-quite-awake-enough-for-this brain suddenly piped up:

“Heyyyyyy…when did we start scraping other people’s vomit off the floor?? Isn’t there some Responsible Adult around who should be dealing with this so we can go back to bed? Surely there’s a Grown Up here knows how to get that stink out?? Anyone?? Helloooo??”

And then – POW! It hit me.

I AM that Responsible Adult now. I AM that Grown Up. Admittedly, at 1am I had no idea how to get rid of the smell, but Tall and I muddled our way through and did a pretty good job of de-vomming the place with our eyes half-closed.

I was calmly sponging and blotting, laying down old(ish) tea towels and cleaning vomit out of the little man’s ear, all the while reeling at this new realisation. As I spent the next two hours trying to re-settle Tiny, wishing that someone else could do it so I could crawl back into bed, it hit me again – only this time, I wasn’t blind-sided and I was awake enough to actually get it.

I am a parent. And until…well…forever, I will be the adult responsible for cleaning up all the little – and big – spills life throws the way of my child(ren). What’s more, I’m actually okay with being the Grown Up who kisses scraped knees and bumped heads and soothes broken hearts and broken dreams, and scrapes chunky chunks off the bedroom floor.

I wonder when it happened? I wonder when I Grew Up and ceased to be an Irresponsible Young Woman without a care in the world??

I have a feeling it was the last night I had too much to drink – which happened to be the night before I found out I was pregnant. I don’t miss that Irresponsible Young Woman (much), and I know for a fact that she would have been in the corner retching at 1am this morning, insisting that someone else (a Grown Up) should deal to the mess on the floor.

I’m pretty certain, too, that she would have been  VERY busy at 7pm tonight when we were scraping another round off Tiny’s bedroom floor!


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