I’m in luuuurve with…

…this big pot of super-thick, super-tasty, super-warming homemade pumpkin soup.

…the nurse I spoke to at Healthline for being professional, thorough and lovely, and for making me feel like I did the right thing by calling.

…oozy, gooey Whitestone double cream brie for being (stinky) happiness on a board.

…early morning playground playdates with good friends.

…finally turning a favourite, lonely earring, into a pendant.

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15 thoughts on “I’m in luuuurve with…

    • I loved the earrings and lost one on a windy day about 6 years ago, but couldn’t bear to throw the other one away. I knew I’d do something with it eventually!

  1. That brie is SERIOUSLY happiness on a board, I agree entirely!! Great idea turning an earring into a pendant, clever you! šŸ™‚

    • It was labelled “eat tonight!” and I was warned that if we didn’t…it could get violent. I left it for two days.

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