I’m in luuuurve with…

…my darling husband, for saying those three little words when I got up this morning, hair dishevelled and robe in disarray: “Made you coffee”.

espresso-ing the love

…our heat pump, for working overtime to keep our drafty old house toasty warm, for its quiet nighttime mode, and for drying the laundry in record time with no fear of shrinkage.

sportsmen-free heat

…playing “BOO!” with Tiny; listening to him add a gazillion extra Os and then that giggle…oh, that giggle!


…going out for brunch with family. Good food, good company, no dishes!

corn fritter stack from the customhouse, dunedin

…our family of wellies, for keeping our feet nice and dry on cold and wet, wintery days. (Tall grew up on a farm, and his disdain for my stripey, spotty, buckled wellies was evident from the snort he gave when I first put them on. Apparently I needed lessons on the “correct” way to wear them, too. Hey, I’m a city girl…I’m allowed to wear fancy wellies!)

dry toes are happy toes

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6 thoughts on “I’m in luuuurve with…

  1. Tee hee – hope it works! If not, perhaps try subliminal messages while he’s asleep?? My husband is not a “textbook romantic” (he doesn’t bring me flowers, or leave little love notes for me to find) but it’s little gestures like this that make me smile and love him all the more. You have a lovely weekend too xx

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