Pages we’re turning this week

You may have seen the pile of books on my bedside table, waiting to  be read. You may also have noticed that they are stacked in size order – I am the first to admit that I am a touch OCD about certain things (at my last end-of-year work “prizegiving” in London, I was given an award for having the tidiest desk imaginable) – and I fully intended to read them in that order, starting from the top.

However, there was a flaw in my plan: as new books were added to the pile, there were surely going to be none bigger than “The Count of Monte Christo” or “Gormenghast”, which meant I would never get around to reading them.

So I took the plunge, and this is what I’m reading this week (and probably for the next seven months, from the number of pages – 894, including notes, excluding introduction – and the size of the font – miniscule; hopefully I’ll get through this month’s ‘Your Home & Garden’ a bit quicker!):

Tiny is currently obsessed with this lot (there’s a lot of “baabaa! baabaa!”, “gobble gobble” and “roar!” to be heard around our place right now):

and I’m trying recipes from these little gems (last night it was lemongrass and lime chicken burgers with spicy slaw. Thanks, Bill Granger – hope you don’t mind that I used turkey instead of chicken?):


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