The Perils of Addiction

I would like need to make a confession.

I am addicted to trying new recipes.

Wait, wait! Before you judge me, before you click away in disgust, hear me out. Not only am I addicted to trying new recipes, I am also incapable of actually sticking to them without adding or altering something which I think will improve the dish, despite never having made it before. Every night when Tall asks, with some trepidation, “What’s for dinner, babe?”, I inevitably answer, “It’s a new recipe, so you can be totally honest about it. I couldn’t find any [insert ingredient here], so I used [insert sometimes-suitable substitute here].” Tall simply nods, eyes glazing over with dread and acceptance of this fate he married into.

Rustic cheddar & bacon bread with caldo verde soup; Mussels in a white wine & cream sauce with ciabatta (not homemade); Beef & mushroom hot pot pies with baked spuds (please note the retro sprinkling of paprika!); Ginger chicken stir-fry; Autumn vegetable salad with mint yoghurt dressing, served with roasted beef fillet; Sausage & bean cassoule; Banana, pecan & chocolate cake

Every night I make something new. Every time I go near a bookstore or “accidentally” visit The Book Depository or Amazon, I buy a new recipe book. I recently had to rearrange the shelves in my kitchen to accommodate my growing collection, at the expense of my nice red-white-and-blue display of dishes, casseroles and tea paraphernalia. I even commit the ultimate dinner party sin of trying new dishes when we have people round for dinner, or bake new treats for our Yoga Mums catch ups. I spend my Sunday mornings surrounded by cook books, planning the week in meals, and look forward to Mondays, when I can go to the grocery store. I like shopping for food more than I like shopping for clothes…and I love clothes shopping.

So. In light of this confession, I have made a decision. To spend an entire month making recipes I’ve MADE BEFORE.

I’m shuddering at the thought. How will I cope for a WHOLE MONTH without trying a single new recipe?? Perhaps I should ease my way in and allow myself one new recipe each week?? Or is that only adding to the problem; should I just bite the bullet, jump on the wagon and brave the charted waters of recipes tried-and-true??

I’m gonna do it. Starting next month. What? I can’t start it in the middle of a month….that’s just crazy talk.


3 thoughts on “The Perils of Addiction

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