And so it begins…

Tiny will be 15 months old at the end of June. I’m still struggling with the idea that he won’t be my baby for much longer (until he’s walking, he’s NOT a toddler, as far as I’m concerned!), and wondering what on earth I’ve been doing every day for all this time? Actually, I know what I’ve been doing…breastfeeding, washing nappies, tackling the magic, refilling laundry baskets (thanks to solids, and sportsman Tall), kissing bumps and cuddling away grumps…

But it has begun. The sly smile, the clearing of the throat, followed by THE question: “Sooo, are you planning on giving Tiny a little brother or sister any time soon?”

First off, any subsequent child(ren) we have will not be GIVEN to Tiny. We won’t be going down to the store and choosing him a sibling like a toy, and he certainly won’t be handed a ribbon-bedecked baby.

And secondly, if your definition of “soon” is similar to mine, then nope, I won’t be poppin’ a baby out in the next couple of days. Not pregnant, no big belly. Sorry to disappoint.

Crazy, isn’t it, how people have expectations that everyone will follow such a pattern? When you’re in a relationship, the same people ask, “Sooo, when are you two getting married?”, and when you DO get married, they’re back, asking, “Sooo, when are you having a baby?” Not everyone wants to get married, and even if they do, they might not want children, or may not be able to have them for various reasons. So shut up about it, ‘kay?

Right now, my response tends towards a polite smile, a shake of the head, and a simple, “We’re just enjoying giving all our love to Tiny right now”. Some days, I wish I had the balls to tell people to mind their own darn business, or to give a cheeky reply…but I don’t, and I know I won’t, so I’ll stick to being polite about it for now. We’re not ready yet, but we will be. Just not any time “soon”.


2 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Ahhh THAT smile. Gar.

    I would love a little bubba, but I know at this very point in time i’m not ready yet. Morning sickness. Arg. Can’t handle it! Birth, give me one any day if I get to skip the first 3 trimesters!!

    i’m SO pleased little pickle came along 😀


    • Oh, I hear ya! I have horrible pregnancies but easy births (my midwife for Jack was supposed to be away for Henry, so I had her back up, and when the back up told the original about Henry’s birth, apparently she was jealous because I am “a natural”).

      I wasn’t ready to face all that for a while, but when I was, I really was. It’s hard to explain, but I suddenly knew I was strong enough to go through it all again, and luckily, Guy was happy to let me decide.

      You’ll know 🙂 And until then, I hope people back off for you!

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